Restoring Balance

Balance is a very critical component to safety and independence as we age.  When our balance becomes compromised we can lose our confidence to do many of the things we love including getting out to visit, go for a walk or enjoy a dance.  Unfortunately for many elderly people impaired balance can lead to falls with the potential of very serious injury and hospitalization.

Although balance does naturally tend to degrade as we age it can be improved with the proper training.  At Marina Point we are fortunate to offer a wide range of free exercise classes all of which can help improve balance.  Those who require specific balance training should consider the Balance Class held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:15am in the lounge.  This 30 Minute class works on many aspects of balance in both sitting and standing.

Studies have shown that strength and balance training can reduce the incidence of falls by up to 50% in elderly populations.  Why not take advantage of the OHIP funded exercise programs available at Marina Point?  It’s a well known fact that exercise is an important component in achieving a healthier and more independent life for seniors that will also significantly reduce the risk of falls.

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